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This family business has over 40 years experience in offering the highest quality creative cuisine with its own unique identity. Its Chef – Koldo Rodero – holds a Michelin Star. His cuisine is characterized by loving affection and detail in the creation of new flavors from classic Navarran staples. It is both vanguardism and imagination that combine to produce Rodero's outstanding dining experience.

The restaurant is located immediately across from Pamplona's Plaza de Toros. Because of this, Rodero is the perfect place to enjoy an amazing meal before or after the bullfights during the Running of the Bulls at the Festival de San Fermin.

Even though your reservation is prepaid, you must arrive within 15 minutes of your reserved time to avoid losing your booking. They are quite strict on reservation times, because it's a rare prize to get a table during a time as busy as San Fermin. If you encounter an unavoidable delay, you can call the restaurant to let them know and they will work with you.

We make every effort to ensure each prepaid reservation is seated together. Please note that, for larger groups, it's possible that the reservation will be split between two tables.

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