Book tables for lunch and dinner at the most popular restaurants in Pamplona where reservations can be very scarce during Fiesta.

Make A Reservation

During the Running of the Bulls, over one million people from around the world converge for 10 days on a town with a natural population of only 200,000. The city’s infrastructure is completely stressed, and dining in Pamplona becomes quite challenging.


Anyone showing up expecting to secure a reservation on arrival at a popular restaurant quickly discovers this was a critical detail that should not have been overlooked.

We have valuable connections carefully curated over many years with the owners and operators of the special places where everyone wants to dine in Pamplona from July 5  to July 14 every year.

Tables at Pamplona restaurants don't turn every 45-minutes like they do in the United States. There is one-seating for the mid-day meal, and one for the evening dinner.


Food and drink are enjoyed at a very relaxed pace. Dining experiences are just that … experiences to be savored.


Most mid-range establishments trim their menu to offer what is quick and easy to serve – Bocadillos (sandwiches) and maybe Fritos (fried food).


We cater to those with a different appetite and approach to dining.





Pamplona's extraordinary local restaurants cater to loyal, long-term clients who book their tables for lunches and dinners during the Festival de San Fermin months in advance.


If you want to ensure your table will be waiting for you, you can book your pre-paid Pamplona restaurant reservations with us.


You can indulge at one of the town’s leading Michelin-star restaurants, sit with locals in an amazing neighborhood farm-to-table restaurant, find yourself at a delicious vegan restaurant, and even eat world class Sushi.


We especially love the traditional Basque Cider Houses or Cidrerias and Asadors.


They are equipped for large groups and serve-up hearty steaks and fresh fish in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Pre-paid bookings are required at the top restaurants.


The reality is, people can get a little distracted by all the enticing activities going on all around them at Fiesta, they sometimes (often) drink a bit too much, and just forget their reserved table is waiting.


This way, the restauranteur’s investment in the promise to hold your spot is assured even if you’re a no show.


The general rule is, you must arrive within 15 minutes of your appointed time, or you’ll be at risk of losing your spot on the list even with a pre-paid reservation.


In addition to restaurant reservations, we offer Pamplona balcony rentals, bullfight tickets, Pamplona hotel reservations, and Running of the Bulls travel packages.