The bullfights in Pamplona are an integral facet of the San Fermin Festival. This intimate dance between man and beast is an experience like no other, and every duel is different. Imagine sitting amongst thousands of spectators and local Pamplonese in the legendary Plaza de Toros, cheering with utter abandon. There are strict rules and guidelines for this acrobatic performance, requiring matadors to undergo years of intense training. This incredible spectacle features some of Spain’s most gifted matadors, who demonstrate a unique combination of fearlessness, bravado, and grace.


It isn’t easy to procure San Fermin Festival bullfight tickets, since 90 percent are held by Pamplona residents. It is a point of pride and cultural tradition for Pamplonese to purchase a yearly subscription, which means bullfight tickets are available in limited quantities. The Plaza de Toros seats upwards of 20,000 people, but premium seats to the evening shows sell out quickly.


Few ticket holders can be convinced to resell their seats, so it pays to book one of our package deals early and guarantee great seats for the bullfights at an equally great value.

Running of the Bulls bullfight tickets for 2024 will include ten events spaced from July 5th through the 14th.  July 7th through July 14th, the animals featured in the evening bullfights are the same ones that participated in the morning ‘encierro,’ or bull run.  The fighting bulls are bred for ferocity, strength, and bravery on Spain’s most esteemed ranches, and by the time they reach Pamplona, they weigh close to half a ton. 


Bullfighting is not only a national tradition in Spain, it is a theatrical ritual steeped in culture. And for those visitors who don’t want to see a bull being slayed, there are recortadores held some mornings of the fiesta. During these entertaining shows, athletes perform amazing acrobatics, jumping over bulls but never touching or harming them.   


The San Fermin Festival corridas take place every evening at 6:30 PM in the bullfighting arena. July 5th is the first evening of the fiesta and features young bulls, known as novilladas. The Rejones bullfight takes place on July 6th, and stars a matador who skillfully duels a bull while riding horseback. The remaining dates are traditional bullfights where you can see bulls that ran earlier in the day.


Without question, the beginning of the San Fermin Fiesta sees the most people, as visitors pour into Pamplona. For this reason, bullfight tickets for July 6 and 7 always sell out fast.


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