Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

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San Fermin Festival and Bull Run Balconies

Thousands of tourists visit Pamplona every summer to witness the Running of the Bulls, which takes place each morning over a period of 8 days. This dangerous, lightning-fast spectacle can be watched from a number of locations, but the best place is undoubtedly from a private balcony looking over the bull run route. 

As any veteran traveler will tell you, the encierros – as the bull runs are locally known --- are the pinnacle event of the San Fermin Festival. Six fighting bulls, raised by Spain’s most elite stockbreeders, charge furiously down the city’s cobbled streets in the span of a few minutes. Every second of this intense, unpredictable race is filled with excitement and anticipation. The encierro draws both experienced bull runners and novice daredevils who are willing to risk life and limb in this Bucket List event. 


San Fermin Balcony Rentals

For decades, private homeowners in Pamplona have opened their doors to festival-goers who crave a unique experience. But, given the sheer number of tourists who come for the San Fermin Fiesta, Pamplona balcony rentals book out fast. Most travelers reserve their balcony spot months in advance of the July celebrations, which is always recommended.  

The best way to ensure you get a good view of the bull run is to book one of our packages. Watch the runners prepare for the race and enjoy every thrilling moment of this hair-raising event from the comfort of a private balcony. Our balconies are in the heart of Pamplona’s beautiful Old Town, where the centuries-old festival takes place.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable morning and create memories that will last a lifetime. You’re guaranteed front-row views and a good vantage point for taking in all the mayhem, passion, and chaos.  

Running of the Bulls balconies are the only way to see the bull run

Every year, we have a few guests try to watch the bull run from street level, and every year, they are disappointed. The only places where you have a slight chance to watch from ground level are at the barricades, which are at the intersections along the bull run route. Unfortunately, the first barricade only allows police and medical personnel behind it, then comes the second barricade, where a few hearty souls camp out from 5am onward to claim the top run on the fence. Everyone else ends up looking at their backside. We always tell people, skimp on something else, but don’t think you can save money by avoiding a balcony rental. You’ll miss the entire reason you came to Pamplona.

Reserve your San Fermin balcony rental today

Our Pamplona tour packages include some great perches for watching the Running of the Bulls. If you’re not participating in the encierros, our balconies are the safest and most comfortable place to experience the heart-pounding thrills.

Our guide even walks you directly to your balcony door, to make sure you get to the right place. You’ll be delivered directly to another staff member who will make sure the homeowner invites you up at 7:00 a.m. when it is time to clear the streets. 

Don’t miss out on the superior views and warm hospitality of our San Fermin balconies; reserve your Pamplona package today!