You must be 18 or older to participate in the bull run -- the following actions are prohibited: 

  • Crossing police barriers in place along the bull run route
  • Standing in areas along the course that have been prohibited by the local police force
  • Participating in the bull run while intoxicated, while under the influence of drugs, or in any other way that is deemed to be improper
  • Carrying any objects that may interfere with the event
  • Wearing inappropriate footwear or clothes
  • Provoking the bulls or intentionally drawing their attention at any point along the run route
  • Running backwards or running behind the bulls
  • Harassing the bulls, holding them, or barring them from running or completing the course
  • Jeopardizing other runners by ceasing to run, standing on or by the fence, or stopping in doorways or by barriers
  • Taking videos or photos during the run without prior official permission