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La Huerta de Chicha is a neighborhood jewel. This Spanish dining bar is a big favorite of the Pamplonese locals. This special place along Paula Caballero is alive with conversation, laughter, and diners fully enjoying and appreciating the food and the atmosphere. Each dish has a sharp focus on quality ingredients sourced from local farms. La Huerta de Chicha is committed to serving fresh, quality foods that are delicious without containing high amounts of fat.

This pre-paid culinary adventure includes La Huerta de Chicha's specialty San Fermin menu. The menu includes a cup of coffee and glass of wine. Even though your reservation is pre-paid, you must arrive within 15 minutes of your booked time to avoid losing your booking.

We make every effort to ensure each prepaid reservation is seated together. Please note that, for larger groups, it's possible that the reservation will be split between two tables.

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