Torero Training & Bull Ranch Tour

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Venture to a nearby bull ranch for a hands-on lesson in cape skills under the tutelage of a seasoned master.

Hop aboard our shuttle from the heart of Pamplona to a Navarra bull ranch, where a ringside feast awaits alongside the chance to engage with one-year-old vaquillas.

Savor a ringside luncheon featuring a medley of Navarra's finest tapas, complemented by your choice of wine, beer, or refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.

This endeavor beckons the bold, necessitating a signature on a liability waiver as you step into the thrilling realm of the capea, an art where bravery meets grace amidst the spirited dance with the fierce and noble toro.

This is an activity for the daring, and requires that you sign a liability waiver.

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