Bull Run Route Tour with Expert Runner

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On this tour, you'll get schooled in the art of bull running by none other than the top-notch experts, diving headfirst into the raw essence of being a bull runner. This Encierro (bull run) tour is led by Dennis Clancey and Anthony Fiezer, two seasoned bull runners from the USA with a genuine passion for the game. Dennis, the mind behind the film Chasing Red -- sponsored by Running of the Bulls, Inc. -- will travel the entire route, unveiling the pivotal role each stretch plays.

Over the course of an hour, this tour offers the most comprehensive insight into Pamplona's renowned Running of the Bulls route and its storied past. We keep our groups relatively small to maneuver the bustling streets seamlessly. Plus, we equip you with wireless listening devices, ensuring you catch every word from our seasoned guides.

Comfortable footwear and sticking close to the group are musts. Even during quieter afternoons, it's easy to drift far enough to lose the whispers of wisdom streaming through your audio gear.

You can book this by itself, or as part of a package on our sister site. Check out Running of the Bulls® Travel Packages.

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