The very best place to witness the spectacular nightly fireworks display during the Festival de San Fermin is from the rooftop of the Baluarte Performing Arts Center building. Access to the viewing party is strictly limited and controlled and requires a special VIP Ticket.


Each night at 11:00 p.m., all eyes turn toward the Southwest skies above Pamplona which are filled with fireworks exploding into brilliant displays of intense colors creatively designed by Europe’s leading pyrotechnics firms. These companies are competing against each other to win the coveted San Fermin International Fireworks Competition. Their teams use wild imagination and advanced digital technology to design different shows that amaze and delight the hundreds of thousands who gather to experience a nightly masterpiece.


Oohh's, aahh's, loud cheers, and applause erupts as locals and global guests stop down across the city to enjoy a different program each night and express their appreciation for the joyful exhibition that gets better and better every year. The nightly tradition marks the end of the day for some, and the beginning for others who will indulge in hearty celebrations through the night in Pamplona’s streets, plazas, and bars.


The stunning display of layered fireworks reaching high into the sky is fired from the moat in the old Citadel directly across from the Performing Arts Center. The program is paced to last almost half an hour and always offers a spectacular grand finale. The dazzling show is constructed with magnificent rockets, roman candles, fountains, wheels, sparklers, and includes mines, cakes, and barrages illuminating the Spanish sky in a brilliantly choreographed array of color and spilling over the Citadel walls.


If you don’t have a prized ticket to the Baluarte roof top, the best place to watch the fireworks is the large stretch of grass in the area surrounding the Citadel, the emblematic enclosure in the Vuelta del Castillo Park. Thousands gather here anticipating the moment nearby buildings go dark and streetlamps are switched off indicating the show is about to begin. 


There’s always a lot of congestion with throngs of people moving toward Vuelta del Castillo Park, and trying to navigate all the street closures, so If you don't arrive early enough to squeeze into a good spot, you can watch the display from the Avenida del Ejército and the streets adjoining the Plaza de los Fueros square. Other good sites are the Paseo de Sarasate in the Centre and Plaza de la Paz square.

Since 1595, fireworks always have been an important part of the Festival de San Fermin. Of course, the displays were much more modest then, but the Fiesta would not be the Fiesta without them.

A final tip. Please be aware it is forbidden to enter the fenced off area immediately around the fireworks. The City Council blocks this space to help guard against the danger of firework debris and sticks falling in this zone.