Frequently Asked Questions about Bull Run Pamplona

When is the Running of the Bulls?

The running of the bulls happens every year on July 6th through the 14th.

Why should I reserve a balcony space?

It’s impossible to watch the bull run from any other place. Unless you’re planning to run, a balcony is crucial to experience the running of the bulls. 

How much should I expect to spend on lodging?

It strongly depends on how close you want to stay from the fiesta. Staying outside of Pamplona’s city center saves you up to 50%

When should I book my lodging accommodations?

Hotel rooms are scarce during the fiesta. Pamplona only counts with a few hotels and they get packed early in the year. Guests book up to a year in advance. Book as soon as possible to secure your accommodations and a good hotel rate.

What if hotels are full or expensive. Are there alternatives?

You can book outside of town to save you some accommodation costs. Contact us to see what your options are.

Do you sell hotel accommodations for the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain?

Yes. We sell Pamplona accommodations and partner with hotels to ensure you stay at a place that suits all your expectations. Buy a la carte or a Pamplona Tour Package which includes a lodging that suits your needs.

What if I need to cancel my purchase? Will I receive a refund?

Our refund policy is 75% of the total booking cost before April 1st, 50% of the total booking cost before May 1st, and 25% of the total booking cost before June 1st. From June 2nd onward, we’re unable to refund your payment.

I purchased a balcony space, what do I do next?

You’re all set. Make sure you read your confirmation email, which will contain your balcony address. Also, make sure you check your email for a link to download your travel app. The app includes your personalized itinerary and directions to your balcony.

Will breakfast be served in the balcony?

Do not expect a full breakfast; coffee, juice, and pastries will be served in the balcony. 

How many people will a private balcony in Pamplona hold?

Balcony size and capacity varies from balcony to balcony. Contact us if you wish to privatize a balcony and we’ll give you the options available.

Is the cost the same for children as adults?

Kids 5 years or younger may accompanied by adults are allowed on the balconies at no charge. They will need to be standing in front of the adults or held in arms and not use a balcony spot. Hotels and restaurants offer different discounts for children.

How much should I expect to pay for a balcony space?

Prices start at $99 dollars per person and increase according to the balcony level and location. Regardless of what you pay, we guarantee a front-row view in the balcony. In other words, we don’t overbook our balconies as we take comfort and safety very serious.

Which days are the best to attend the San Fermin Festival?

Whether you attend opening, mid-fiesta, or closing days, the San Fermín festival has something to offer. The opening and closing ceremonies are world-renowned, astonishing traditions. Mid-fiesta days are also full with fun activities. You may experience the famous bull runs and bullfights any day during the festival. Make sure to check the Running of the Bulls 2020 official schedule to learn all there is to do in Pamplona and make the most out of your trip.

How do I purchase a balcony spot?

You can purchase a balcony spot directly from our website or contact us and we can help you get all set.

Which is the best zone to watch from?

Choose your balcony depending on your purpose. Even though all balcony zones will offer an incredible experience, if you wish to watch a runner, we suggest Estafeta street - the longest stretch of the run. If your want to see the pro’s run, get a Santo Domingo street balcony - the very beginning of the run. Get as close or far to the ground as you prefer. Lower levels let viewers feel the thrill of being close to the bulls and the runners, while higher levels give viewers more of a panoramic view of the run.

What is the San Fermin Festival?

The San Fermin Festival is a historic tradition held annually in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain. Also known as Sanfermines, the 9-day long fiesta features opening and closing ceremonies, plus the world famous Encierro and bullfights. The San Fermín Festival is known to be the world’s largest fiesta, over a million tourists attend every year.

What is the Running of the Bulls or “Encierro?

This Pamplonan tradition was born in the 18th century, and consists on the process of moving bull and from the outside of the city into the bull ring corrales. This later turned into a competition between the brave locals who decided to run next to them. The tradition was made famous by the American author and journalist, Ernest Hemingway, in his novel “The Sun Also Rises.” 

What happens after the Bull Run (encierro) is over?

Once the encierro is over, our balcony guests enjoy watching the bull run recap on television and proceed to head out to the rest of their daily activities. Most guests go on a tour and a meal to taste the authentic Navarran cuisine. Don’t forget to get your Pamplona Bullfight tickets, this is a must while you’re in town since the famous Feria del Toro is held during the San Fermin Festival. Bullfights happen every evening featuring some of the world’s best bullfighters and bulls. 

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