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Running of the Bulls 2020 is Cancelled - What Now?

May 12th 2020

Running of the Bulls 2020 is Cancelled - What Now?

As big fans of the biggest fiesta in the world, we are sad to say goodbye to the San Fermín Festival and the Running of the Bulls this year. However, given the huge risks associated with COVID-19 and international travel, we understand the reasoning. It just whets our appetite to return to Pamplona in 2021 and party twice as hard.

So, what can you do while waiting for 12 more pages of the calendar to turn? We've been looking around for other options and found some interesting options closer to home. Whether you're ready to hop in the car tomorrow, or want to plan something for later in 2020, we are intrigued with the idea of inland cruising. Most people immediately think, "river cruising" when we say that, but there are also inland seas to ply. More specifically, the Great Lakes of North America offer 94,000 square miles of water to explore. 

We looked into it a bit more, and it turns out there are no less than four major cruise lines operating multi-day tours on the Great Lakes. The fact that each night is spent in an American or Canadian port means you're close to great services and high-quality health care. It will feel like an ocean cruise, without the downside of being on a huge ship overseas. Most of the Great Lakes Cruises are on ships carrying less than 200 people, so it is a very intimate experience.

We hope you enjoy your domestic travel options. Nothing compares to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, but you should at least enjoy the time you have until we can welcome you back to fiesta!