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Itching to travel? Here are some winter options to consider...

Oct 13th 2020

Itching to travel? Here are some winter options to consider...

We've all had our lives turned upside down by the pandemic. But the adventurous few who trek to the Running of the Bulls each year represent a mindset that is even less tolerant of staying put. We want to be exploring, experiencing everything new - new foods, new languages, new sights and sounds.

If you're like me, you've turned that passion inward. My backyard has never gotten so much love. I've planted, replanted, designed and re-designed our yard so many times, I'm losing track. My car knows the way to the nursery. And lo and behold, I'm looking at a different landscape. But it still doesn't quite scratch the travel itch, so we've been looking for trips you can take NOW.

So, we've been watching closely and we think cruising will actually be one of your first, best options for getting out there again. For winter options, we love heading South to the Caribbean. The warm breezes and mild weather makes it a wonderful escape from the harsh Northern winters. While there are lots of options for Caribbean cruises, we specifically like visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. The pristine beaches of the Mayan Riviera, the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum on the coast, and Chichen Itza further inland, and the charm of authentic Mexican towns like Merida and Progreso make it an unforgettable dive into something truly different. If you’re ready to get out, we think a Yucatan Cruise may be just the ticket to not only cure your winter blues, but your long dry spell of staying close to home.