Bull Run Balcony Spot: Burladero, Street Level View

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  • Guaranteed availability.
  • Our most thrilling location to experience the morning running of the bulls.
  • This unique "balcony" places you at street-level in an Estafeta storefront behind a temporary barrier that separates you from the runners and bulls; imagine being on the rail at the Kentucky Derby as the horses and riders come thundering past; here you're getting a thrilling, sudden burst of energy with sites and sounds you'll always remember.
  • Each purchase includes space for up to 4 guests; must buy all four spaces to secure this spot.
  • Everyone gets a front-row view.
  • Must be able to climb steep steps to see over the barrier.
  • Price is per-person on a shared balcony.
  • Address provided at least two days prior to your balcony date with our itinerary app
  • Balcony open from 7:00am to 8:15am
  • Must check in at balcony address by 6:45am
  • Non-refundable, non-transferrable
  • We vet each of our balconies to guarantee it is orderly, accessible, clean, safe, and functioning condition at all times

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